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Creativity, differentiation, effectiveness, delicacy, exoticism, nature, ideal textures and subtle and delicate aromas, give Elinné a unique category within phytocosmetics.
Find out about our cosmetic lines, try the products and discover why they are a pleasure for the senses.

Sensitive skin line: regenerating and moisturizing line that fuses natural and BIO (ISO 16128 standard) without toxicity. Ideal for atopy, sensitive skin, oncology, my first care, natural lovers.

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In the top of the last technologies, Elinné, has obtained, as a result of an exhaustive dedication in the investigation and development, its last seborregulatory line, destined to oily skins and with acneic tendency.
By selecting the most suitable active ingredients, maximum effectiveness and quality of the products are achieved, which allow working at any season of the year.

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Longevity? ... It's not about adding years to life but life to years.
Senescence is generated by multiple factors such as oxidative damage, DNA damage, natural wear, lifestyle, ...
The renàixer line is designed to stop senescence and improve years of skin life.

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The skin is our first physical barrier to protect against external aggressions. It is therefore the most exposed to external agents, such as solar radiation, oxidants, ... and to manifest effects of internal agents, such as side effects of medications or food, spots in pregnancy ...
Lluïssor antioxidant: recommended for young skin as prevention of the first wrinkles, provides elasticity, luminosity, revitalization of the skin, etc.
lliïssor anti-aging: premium sensory ritual with marked anti-aging light effect.
depigmenting rainfall: removes stains from the first application.

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How to know if we lack hydration? A qualified skin specialist (such as the beautician or an aesthetic doctor) can diagnose us if we lack internal hydration (measured by TEWL) and / or external.
elinné deals with idratia, an intensive moisturizing treatment, a complete hydration of our skin, both internally and externally, so that the skin normalizes its hydration levels, creating sustainable comfort over time.

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Do you live in an environment of stress, pollution and hectic life? Does it seem as if you have aged rapidly? Your skin may be suffering from a general imbalance.
Thalàxia anti-pollution with 100% seawater and its epigenetic assets, will return you in record time younger and healthier skin. Internationally awarded line for Vidaestética at Cosmobeauty Barcelona 2019 trade fair.

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Would you like to customize your aesthetic treatments? Aromatherapy has been traditionally used for healing, neuro-relaxation, cosmetics and beauty. Only the use of the appropriate combinations and elements for each case, will be key to achieve the desired effect. The aromatherapy in the cabin, allows the professional to customize the most suitable mixture for your skin.
Discover a range of products and treatments on demand with different natural effects.